I suffer from chronic neck pain and Helena has been marvellous in helping me to resolve my symptoms in the long term. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic, she assesses my level of pain and symptoms each week and tailors the lesson accordingly. I opted for private classes both due to my own availability and because my symptoms mean I require a fair bit of attention! I've found these to be extremely beneficial with a noticeable reduction in my frequency of pain. She is clearly an expert in her field and when I have mentioned her approach to other healthcare professionals they have been very impressed. I would highly recommend.


I have been attending private classes with Helena for coming up to 6 months now and am over the moon with the progress I have made. I was diagnosed with a bulged disc at the end of 2015 and was recovering from the sciatica as a result of it. I started Pilates with Helena to manage the pain through improving my posture and strength. The differences and results are unbelievable, I can feel myself getting stronger and my ability to perform more advanced Pilates exercises is improving. Helena, is a great instructor that pays attention to detail to ensure the exercises are performed correctly and effectively. I would not hesitate to recommend private classes with Helena to anyone that is looking to improve their technique, get started with Pilates or rehabilitating from a back injury like me. 


“I have been attending Helena's classes weekly for quite some time now and can't tell you how brilliant she is.  Thank you Helena for making huge improvements on how I feel and for the core strength I have gained.  Not only are her classes very professional and thorough they are also fun and extremely enjoyable.”

Megan (hip pilates)

Before Helena's HIP class I had never tried Pilates. So I didn't know what to suspect - nor did I have much fitness - but after only one course I feel great! From week one I felt comfortable and confident in Helena who made the class fun and challenging every week. There's a great progression throughout the course that feels natural and no two sessions are the same which keeps it exciting. After the course I went out and did a 5k race with no training (which I would never have managed before HIP) I feel stronger, fitter and can't wait for the next course! 


“Having practised matwork and reformer pilates for a number of years I think Helena’s classes are some of the very best. It is wonderful to find a teacher who offers classes that are nourishing and enjoyable whilst remaining challenging. Helena is an excellent teacher and personable and charming with it.”


“After only attending 2 corporate classes with Helena so far I cannot express how amazing she is!  I've done a few Pilates classes here and there at various places, specific studios, gyms etc and no one has come close to the attention, and individual way she goes around and helps you to do each move with still remaining so friendly, smiley and encouraging! I can't wait to try out her evening classes and highly recommend her to anyone and other businesses looking for a fantastic Pilates teacher! You're fab Helena!”


“I put off joining an exercise class for years as I felt so self conscious, but I’m so pleased I finally found Helena’s group. She is a lovely teacher – very clear and patient, and having such small classes allows her to give everyone lots of attention. She’s supportive and encouraging, and provides sequences that challenge both brain and body! I would recommend it to anyone of any fitness level.”

Alison (intermediate)

‘Helena is a dynamic and vibrant teacher who uses her energy and enthusiasm to deliver varied classes week after week that will challenge you no matter what your level of fitness is or experience. She always takes the time to answer questions and give advice and guidance on how to meet your own goals. She is incredibly knowledgable about all things Pilates.  And if that wasn’t enough, she’s always lovely and smiley too, it is a pleasure to be one of her students. Her classes are definitely worth getting out of bed for!’

Hannah (ante-natal client)

“I joined Helena’s mixed ability Pilates classes when I was around 16 weeks pregnant, as I had heard that Pilates was one of the best ways to prepare your body for the challenges of childbirth. After only a couple of sessions with Helena I felt much stronger in my core, and had greater “body awareness”. Helena is a very patient and calm instructor with a knack for spotting where corrections, even slight ones, need to be made. Even in her group classes you feel as if you are being given individual attention. I emerge from every Pilates session with a clear mind and a wonderful feeling of having had my muscles stretched out and toned, without any pain or twinges – definitely a mark of a skilled instructor!  I have now transferred to Helena’s special ante-natal Pilates classes and believe that my body’s changing needs are in the best hands!”


"What is particularly striking about Helena as a Pilates teacher is her meticulousness.  This means that as a student one can be 100 per cent confident that the movements are perfect and achieving maximum benefit.  She's also so encouraging!  It's a real pleasure to be taught by her."