What is Pilates?

Pilates is both a mind and body-conditioning method which teaches you how to have greater control and awareness of your posture and the way your body moves. It targets the deep stabilising muscles and focuses on good body alignment and breathing patterns. It is a great way to compliment sports training, promote recovery from an injury as well as developing body awareness and functional fitness for your everyday life. It is particularly recommended for those with back, neck and general joint problems.

What are the potential benefits?

  • Perfects your posture and enhances joint mobility

  • Strengthens your core stabilising muscles and improves muscle tone

  • Improves body awareness, coordination and balance

  • Provides greater resistance to injuries by working your deep intrinsic muscles

  • Develops strength and mobility following an injury

  • Encourages relaxation by releasing stress and tension

  • Promotes overall health, fitness and mental wellbeing

Everyone has their own reason for choosing to take up Pilates. Let me know what yours is when you sign up by filling out an Enrolment Form before coming to your first class. That way, I can help you work towards whatever objectives you have set yourself.

Group Pilates instruction from Pilates by Helena, London.

What makes Body Control different?

Body Control is Europe’s leading professional body for Pilates teachers and is widely seen as the international benchmark in terms of the quality of teaching and method effectiveness. Body Control advocates quality over quantity so classes are smaller, more personal and tailored to the clients’ aims, standards and condition of health and fitness.

The Body Control method of Pilates is suitable for everyone – from first time exercisers or those recovering from injury to athletes seeking to enhance their performance and minimise their risk of injury. Pilates’ slow and controlled approach means that it delivers more long term results.

Body Control’s exercises are adapted from the ‘classical’ repertoire, which was originally developed by Joseph Pilates. Body Control believes that many of these classical exercises are often not suitable for the average person and the average body. To take advantage of the full benefits of Pilates, Body Control teachers follow a progressive, safe and effective approach. This foundation provides clients with the necessary strength and flexibility to perform more advanced classical Pilates exercises once they have grasped the basic building blocks of Pilates.

Body Control’s teacher training course

The Teacher Training courses offered by Body Control are excellent and the assessments demanding. This ensures that its teachers are first class and that they promote precise, safe and effective movement patterns within their own style of teaching. What’s more, the ongoing training courses and workshops offered by Body Control keep their Pilates teachers knowledgeable about different specialisms and provide inspiration for varied new repertoire whilst keeping them updated on any developments in the industry of which they need to be aware.