What makes my group Pilates classes different? 

I offer supportive and friendly small group Pilates courses in Hammersmith / Brook Green / Shepherds Brook area, with varying different levels to suit your experience and rationale for learning this fantastic skill - Beginners, Intermediate, Improvers and HIP Pilates. My Pilates course sizes are small (6-10 people max) and are therefore much more tailored to the goals of my Pilates class members, whilst providing a less intimidating environment in which to enhance your strength and flexibility, recover from back pain or an injury or if you are post natal.

I am very focused on the mind body connection, correct Pilates technique and consistently give clients feedback so you know you are performing the Pilates exercises as safely and effectively as possible. Let me know what goals you would like to work towards before starting my Pilates classes and I can help you take steps to make those goals a reality (although change won’t happen overnight!). 

Pregnancy and Post natal Clients - I previously ran ante natal and post natal Pilates classes but now recommend more tailored 1:1s at home or the studio I hire at Form Physio.

If you do have any areas of concern, such as chronic lower back pain, injuries or a medical condition which is harder to manage in a group, I strongly recommend that you attend a private 1:1 with me first.

Please contact me personally to arrange this. 

When can I register?

Registration is now open for my next set of Pilates courses - start from Monday 16th September and run until 30th October 2019 (no classes during week of 14th October, as I am doing Pilates teacher training in Spain).

Check my booking system to see class availability and make sure you have signed up to my newsletter to receive ongoing updates.

PILATES COURSES: Sept - Oct 2019

Hammersmith & Brook Green

Registration is now open!

N.B. There will be no classes on Monday 14th October and Wednesday 16th October as I am in Spain doing teacher training.

Mondays @ gail’s, brook green - 6 weeks courseS - £96

FROM 16th Sept - 28th oct (NO CLASS ON 14th oct)

6pm - IMPROVERS pilates (1 HOUR)

7pm - Intermediate Pilates (1 HOUR)

Tuesdays @ FORM PHYSIO, HAMMERSMITH BROADWAY - 6 weeks course- £96

FROM 17th Sept - 29th oct (NO CLASS ON 15th oct)

9.30am - IMPROVERS pilates (1 HOUR)

Wednesdays @ gail’s, brook green - 6 weeks courseS- £96

FROM 18th Sept - 30th oct (NO CLASS ON 16th oct)

6pm - Beginners Pilates / Healthy Backs Pilates (1 HOUR)

Timetable bookings

Level descriptions

Beginners Pilates - This supportive gentle course focuses on the Pilates basics and builds on these foundations over the course of the 6 weeks. It's for complete novices, anyone who is relatively new to Pilates or would like a more relaxing class. It is also suitable for anyone with back pain or who is recovering from an injury or medical condition, for which variations can be given (provided prior medical consent is received). A private 1:1 is recommended for anyone who suffers from back pain or any medical conditions of concern. Please get in touch to arrange this before joining.

Improvers / Intermediate Pilates: Improvers is the next step after Beginners whereas Intermediate is the jump up from Improvers. They are both more dynamic, challenging and faster paced classes than my beginners progressing in intensity over the weeks. They focus on holistic body toning, building greater strength and stamina. they integrate some classical Pilates exercises from Joseph Pilates' original repertoire. Beginner Pilates experience or previous private sessions with me required to join.

HIP Pilates: This course will get you into shape faster than any of my other classes and burn far more calories. It focuses on boosting your strength, stamina and coordination by combining body weight exercises with light weights and Pilates abdominal exercises whilst still incorporating key Pilates principles. If you want to tone up with a full body high intensity, low impact workout (while still focused on correct technique) this class is for you. You don't necessarily need to have done Pilates to join but it does help. You need to be able to squat, lunge and do a plank (without pain). It's a fast moving class and these are some of the key foundations I used to gradually get you stronger.

Ante-natal Pilates: My pregnancy sessions will educate and prepare your body for labour and beyond, helping you adapt to postural changes. They will focus on any specific goals or issues you may have during pregnancy including strengthening key muscles needed for pregnancy, birth and looking after your baby following the birth. The sessions can help to release tension (including alleviating any back pain you may experience), relaxing and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, teach you breathing techniques and set you in good stead for getting back into shape following the birth.

Before you start

Prior to Pilates starting classes with me you will need to complete my general Client Enrolment Form, so that I can assess your experience of Pilates, fitness level, check your medical history and determine your aims and objectives which you wish to achieve from the classes. If you are pregnant, please complete my Pregnancy Client Enrolment Form. I also recommend that anyone who experiences persistent lower back pain sees me for a 1:1 before starting one of my Pilates group classes.

What to expect

My group Pilates classes are small, friendly and personal. This means that I can focus on quality rather than quantity and give everyone the attention they deserve. I can therefore deliver a more personalised service than in larger class. My classes are tailored to coincide with my clients’ overall level of fitness, Pilates experience and goals as well as the ongoing feedback I encourage.

My Pilates classes are fun, varied, dynamic and (at intermediate level) challenging. They are based on a functional and contemporary approach to Pilates. This is combined with more traditional Pilates exercises, to counteract the effect of our current largely sedentary lifestyles. I focus on improving clients’ posture, intrinsic strength, bone density, muscle tone, flexibility, coordination and stamina. My classes will challenge you mentally and well as physically and encourage you to unwind through flowing movement and effective breathing.

Booking, make up classes & cancellations

Bookings: All Pilates class bookings must be made via my online booking system prior to attending a class. Payments are non-refundable once booked.

Cancellations & Amendments: Please note that I have a 12 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations for Pilates classes made within this window will be charged the full rate. If you cannot make one class of your block of 5-6 weeks, please notify me in advance of this 12 hour cancellation window by cancelling your place in the class that week via my booking system and by emailing me. You are then welcome to attend an alternate Pilates class within your 5-6 week block, provided there is space. Please contact me the day before the class you would like to attend to check whether I have space for you. Make up Pilates sessions are limited to 2 Pilates sessions per person per course. Ante-natal clients are able to book single sessions as no replacement classes are available

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