About Helena

I am a very encouraging, patient and enthusiastic Pilates matwork teacher who is passionate about what I do. I am also a Back4Good lower back pain Pilates specialist, qualified with Body Control Pilates.

I like to make classes fun, varied, dynamic and (at intermediate level) challenging. They are based on a functional and contemporary approach to Pilates. This, I combine with more traditional Pilates exercises, to counteract the effect of our largely sedentary lifestyles. 

My Pilates classes are small, friendly and personal (10 people max). This means that I can focus on quality rather than quantity and give everyone the attention they deserve. I can therefore deliver a more personalised service than in a larger gym style class. My classes are tailored to coincide with my clients’ overall level of fitness, Pilates experience and goals as well as the ongoing feedback I encourage.

Let me know what goals you would like to set yourself before you start classes with me and I will support you in making those goals a reality (although change won’t happen overnight!).

Check out my testimonials page for clients' reviews of her teaching style or my 5 star google reviews for a taste of what I have to offer.

Helena Belither, Pilates Instructor, London

Pilates training

Specialist Populations / Pilates for Rehab :

  • FAMI - Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries at The Icahn School for Medicine, Mount Sinai, New York

  • Myofascial training with Anatomy Trains in Motion (by Tom Myers and Karin Gurtner)

  • Pilates for Hypermobile clients - multiple courses including with Jane Simmonds from UCL Hypermobility Clinic

  • Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis)

  • Pre and post hip operations (replacements)

  • Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

  • Pilates for the Older Person

  • Pilates for Scoliosis

  • Pilates Therapy touch courses with Bonnie Southgate and Stephanie Beeson

  • Pilates for Shoulder Rehab (APPI)

  • MET - Muscle Energising Technique with Pilates Therapy

  • The Vital Breath and Pilates for respiratory conditions

Additional Matwork Courses / WORKSHOPS

  • Intermediate Matwork

  • Standing Pilates

  • Matwork Evolution

  • Small Matwork Equipment (balls, bands, foam rollers, magic circles, swiss balls)

  • Fascial integration through Pilates – Kane School at Cobham Pilates

  • Neurodynamics - given by Physioworks

  • The Psoas / pelvic region; and optimum shoulder function

  • Walking the Lines by James Earle - writer of Born to Walk (analysing fascial connections, understanding gait, postural analysis, footwork)

All the courses below I completed with Body Control Pilates unless stated otherwise. 

Aside from matwork, I have also undertaken the reformer teacher training course at Body Control Pilates, but have yet to take the final reformer training exam. 

Lower back pain

Lower back pain management is one area in which I specialise. I am a qualified a Back4Good lower back pain Pilates specialist (through Body Control Pilates). 

Pregnancy / post natal

  • Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Pilates

  • Pelvic Floor Health and Dysfunction – MBodies Academy, Carolyne Anthony’s “The Center for Women’s Fitness

  • Diastasis recti, C-sections and Pubis Symphysis Derangement – MBodies Academy

  • Pilates for breastfeeding mums

  • Pelvic Floor health - Maeve Whelan

Pilates for sports Performance

  • Pilates for Runners

  • Pilates for Golfers

  • Pilates for Cyclists – APPI

  • Advanced Gait Analysis – Polestar

  • High Intensity Power Pilates

Helena Belither, Pilates Instructor, London.

Teaching Style

Aside from Pilates, I cycle everywhere and love exercise including yoga, golf, cardio, weight training, running, paddle board yoga, tennis... (the list goes on!). I therefore love taking inspiration from other forms of exercise to add an extra functional dimension to my teaching. I am also an avid meditator and believe in the importance of using the breath and mindful movement to offset our busy, stressful lives.

I constantly see a link between stress and pain. Having worked in a law firm previously, I understand the toll office life takes on the body and promote exercises which release common areas of tension as well as focusing on holistic toning. I am a safe and effective teacher who likes to make an impact on the way my clients move. I encourage functional movement and good technique to activate the correct muscles and avoid unnecessary stress on the joints. My classes are friendly and personal, tailored to my clients’ goals and reasons for taking on Pilates. I ensure everyone is progressing towards the goals they wish to meet at a pace and level at which they feel comfortable. I am keen to spread my passion for Pilates by making my classes varied and interesting, adding a dimension of challenge for those who wish to progress at a faster pace.

Pilates Story and Background

In 2005, South America, of all places, was where I was first introduced to what has now become both my passion and my career. I started attending classes in Argentina and Brazil during my 3rd year abroad at university to help with my hypermobility (which I have learnt more about since becoming a teacher). As this was all in Spanish and Portuguese, it proved even more of challenge for a complete beginner! I then continued this interest on my return to the UK. However, my understanding of Pilates was really turned on its head when I started training with Body Control. Body Control had a greater focus on precision of technique and safe teaching methods than any other classes I had attended over the years.

Formerly a languages and law graduate, Pilates was not a natural transition for me on paper. I always had a passion for health and fitness outside of work, so finally made the decision to leave my career in law and made an unconventional leap into the fitness industry by deciding to train as a Pilates teacher with Body Control in 2014. 

Pilates has revolutionised my life. Previously a cardio addict with poor posture (from a desk-bound work life), I was consistently injuring myself, developing long-term pains in my knees, back, neck and shoulders. After seeing numerous physiotherapists and chiropractors, it has been Pilates, which has helped me manage this. How? Well, simply put, Pilates’ focus on body mindfulness makes you more aware of how you stand and move in everyday life. Pilates has been beneficial not only for my posture, core strength and muscle tone, but also my overall mental and physical wellbeing. I hope you also value its benefits after attending my classes. 

Helena Belither, Pilates Instructor, London.