I’m a newbie, how will I know if Pilates is right for me?

It can be intimidating attending an exercise class or gym for the first time whether you are new to exercise or not. You are not alone. I still feel intimidated walking into a male dominated hardcore heavy weights and gymnastics gym like CrossFit.

If you are new to exercise Pilates is a great initial step into the unknown. It’s uncompetitive (caveat - this is meant to be the case but can seem otherwise such on social media!) and suitable for all ages, medical backgrounds, men and women. As I say in the rest of my website though I would recommend attending a private 1:1 with me first if you suffer from ongoing pain (such as in your back, neck, shoulders) and obviously seek medical approval first. For more information on 1:1s check out my Private Training page.

My classes are small and supportive so you will feel more comfortable than in a big gym class and receive far more guidance.

Pilates isn’t just a form of exercise, it’s a way of life.

It will (hopefully) increase your body awareness, teach you how to move better, breathe better, improve your posture, ward off any aches and pains and complement any other forms of exercise you do. I run 5/6 week courses as Pilates takes time and commitment to learn, understand and make a difference to your life. It’s not a short-term fix or fad, it will hopefully.

To find get a sample of how my clients find my classes check out the reviews I have received on Google.

Feel free to share your experiences of your first Pilates class here to assuage the fears of any Pilates virgins.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other queries.

For guidance on what to wear, what group classes I offer and where check out my FAQs and Group Courses page.